BK BlankCHTein

BK spent over 21 years (4 active and 17 as a reservist) in the Israeli military as a tier-one unit member.  BK moved to the USA in 1999 and established Masada Tactical.  Leveraging their experience, Masada Tactical aimed to provide agencies with training to meet today's threats, based on Israeli proven tactics.  Specializing in small team tactics, CQC, empty-hand tactics, and counter terrorism Masada Tactical has trained over 200 agencies around the world.  BK holds a bachelor degree in counter terrorism and a Masters degree in Security Management.  He is a sworn officer in Chatom, AL.

BK will have Yossi Purec and Steve Almendarez on his team of instructors.


Ed Allen

Ed Allen is a lifelong resident of Seminole County, Florida and holds a Bachelors Degree in Applied Behavioral Science.  He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Session 242.

He served for 29 years with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (FL) to include 20 years on SWAT. During his career, he held command positions within the agency’s Patrol, Special Operations and Domestic Security Divisions and retired as the Major over the Department of Law Enforcement.

He is a Certified Emergency Manager through the International Association of Emergency Managers. 

Ed is a Florida certified law enforcement instructor and Adjunct Professor at Seminole State College.

Ed is an NTOA Lead Instructor, prior Board Member and currently the Training Program Manager.


Randy Merriman

James (Randy) Merriman is a career Law Enforcement officer with a background as a Special Agent with an elite Texas Governors narcotic enforcement unit. Randy is a certified as a Texas Law Enforcement Instructor and holds certifications ranging from Basic to Master level. He is recognized by the US DOD as an Awareness, Human Behavior Analysis (HBA) and Tracking Subject Matter Expert and has an outstanding reputation for the delivery of high quality training to various U.S. Department of Defense organizations and US Allies. RANDY has also developed awareness courses and delivered training to multiple federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Randy has provided courses in support of all branches of the US military and Special Forces communities. He has provided Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) programs to the US Navy EOD Training and Evaluation Units and has provided services as the course developer and instructor for the Advanced Situational Awareness (ASA) program at the US Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) at Ft Benning Georgia. He has delivered programs to the USMC Snipers and was program developer and subject matter expert for the USMC “Combat Hunter” program. He has taught elite Military Units such as the British SAS, 3 Para, Royal Marines, Royal Tank Regiment, and has served as an instructor for the elite British Jungle Warfare Training facility in Brunei. He has trained Danish Frogmen Corp, Danish Jaegers, Danish EOD Engineers and the Dutch Royal Marines in their respected countries and around the globe in Awareness, HBA, C-IED and Tracking skill sets.


Dennis Valone

Captain Dennis Valone began his public safety career in 1995 as a paramedic working his way up to tactical-medic for a large Florida Sheriff’s Office and became a full-time Deputy Sheriff in 2000.   Dennis currently works for the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety in Alpharetta, Georgia and serves as a Commander in the Uniform Patrol Division.  His previous assignments include: Professional Standards Commander, Department Training Coordinator, SWAT Team Leader, and Commander of the Community Relations Unit.

Dennis holds instructor certifications in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and Emergency Medicine.

Dennis is a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, the Georgia Command College, and holds a Master’s in Public Safety Administration from Columbus State University. He is the Immediate-Past President of the Georgia Tactical Officers Association, a position he served for 8 years


Greg Sullivan

Greg "Sully" Sullivan is the primary instructor for this course.  Sully brings several decades of real world Law Enforcement & SWAT experience to this course, and is the founder of SLR15 Rifles, Inc.  Sully has been featured in numerous magazine cover story articles like SWAT Magazine, Guns & Ammo Magazine, Gun & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine, Shooting Times Magazine, Precision Rifle Magazine, and several other publications.  


John Bostain

John Bostain is the Co-owner and a Lead Instructor for Command Presence Training Associates.  John has committed the last 22 years to law enforcement, 19 of which have been as a law enforcement trainer.  He has presented nationally and internationally on contemporary law enforcement topics such as use of force, human performance, officer safety, and instructor development. He’s certified as a Force Analyst by the Force Science Institute (FSI) and holds a B.S.Ed in Adult Education from Valdosta State University. 
John began his career with the Hampton Police Division (HPD) in Hampton, Virginia where he served as a Uniformed Patrol Officer, Narcotics Investigator, Academy Instructor, Detective,  Patrol Supervisor, and S.W.A.T. Team member.  After leaving HPD in 2001, John spent 13 years at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, GA serving as an Instructor and Senior Instructor for Defensive Tactics, Patrol Procedures, Use of Force, and Training Management. 
In 2012, he became the recipient of the prestigious Trainer of the Year Award as selected by Law Officer Magazine.  He is an Advisory Board Member for the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and a Member of the Board of Directors for the International Public Safety Association (IPSA).  


Justin Vititoe

Justin Vititoe has over 20 years firearms and survival experience, 17 serving as an Infantryman in the United States Army, including 4 combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. More than half of his career has revolved around sniper skill sets, to include; three years instructing at the U.S. Army Sniper School and Long Range Marksman course and two combat tours as a sniper team and section leader.  Justin is an expert in surveillance, counter- surveillance, and almost any hand-held weapon. He has instructed military personnel and civilians all over the world in survival, marksmanship, camouflage, tracking, small unit tactics, planning, and numerous other skills. An avid outdoorsman and down to earth instructor, Justin has an ability to teach students of all levels of experience in a way few others are able. After leaving the military in 2014, he founded Hike 2 Survive, a program that takes veterans on hiking and camping trips in order to help them transition into civilian life and deal with the mental and emotional issues they face. Justin is also a participant of season 2 of History’s ALONE series. 


Michael Briant

Michael Briant is a Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) Security Professional with over 21 years of combined experience in law enforcement, private security and the US Marines military police. He has 6 years of experience on behalf of the United States Government in the Middle East, Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe. He has provided training for the US governments strategic partners in the middle east's national security and presidential security teams.  Mike has performed multiple roles in public sector law enforcment and the protective security industry including as a police officer, criminal investigator, training officer, security consultant, tactical commander, protective team leader and was the program manager for protective security operations in southwest Asia.  He is the owner and founder of Skydas Group International.  A firm that specializes in providing risk management services for the private sector and counter terrorism training for both public and private entities.  


Jim Darling

Jim started as a Police Officer in upstate New York in the early 1990's and also worked as a Paramedic in a large urban area. Upon relocating to Georgia in 2000, Jim worked for the City of Alpharetta Department of Public Safety as a Firefighter/Paramedic, where he was also the Lead Medic for the Alpharetta Swat Team ,serving in that capacity for nearly 8 years. Currently, Jim is the EMS Director for Alpharetta and along with Police Captain Dennis Valone, developed the Tactical Emergency Response Specialist course which trains officers and medics to respond to active shooter situations as a single unit.


Jim Hardman

Jim Hardman has spent 27 years between the military and law enforcement. Jim started on a tactical unit in 1994 as a assault team member and rose to rank of Team Leader of a four agency collateral team. He was responsible for all Firearms and Tactical training as well as leading and conducting numerous operations. Jim has taught at a local Academy as well as Ohio's state peace officer Academy. He was on of the co-author for the state of Ohio active threat response centered around a single officer. He is also a certified train the trainer in the leading national activity threat response programs


A.G. Fletcher

A.G. Fletcher  started his career as an anti-tank gunner while serving with Alpha Company, 1/75 Ranger Regiment from 2003 to 2010. SFC Fletcher also served as a saw gunner, fire team leader, and squad leader, platoon sergeant (deploying eight times, three times in support of OEF and five times in support of OIF.) Fletcher then served as Eco Company OPNCO for 1st Ranger Battalion.  For the duration of his military career Fletcher served 31 months oversees. Fletcher moved to Columbus, Georgia (2010-2012), as an instructor in the Ranger Assessment, Selection Program (RASP 1), Regimental Special Troops Battalion (RSTB), 75th Ranger Regiment in Ft. Benning, Georgia. He took the lead on setting up and designing the Ranger Assault Breacher Course (RABC). Duties for this were creating and writing of the commanders intent, training path, civilian contracts, ammo usage, ordering of all tools, equipment and primary Instructor. SFC Fletcher also assisted with the combatives and Combat Pistol/Rifle Program.  After transitioning from military service Fletcher joined the team of Shooter Performance Institute and then most recently formed Red Spear Tactical. 


Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith served with the 1/75th Ranger Regiment, Army Special Operations Command from March 2004 to January 2012. During his time with the 75th Ranger Regiment, he held many positions. From 2004 to 2006 he held the position of Fire Team Leader, Grenadier, and Assistant Machine Gunner. During this time he was deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and once in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, participating in over 200 special operations missions. January 2006 to September 2006 Mr. Smith held the position of Sniper Team Leader, during this time he was also deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Smith also served as a Regimental and 1st Battalion representative responsible for testing (SCAR MK16/MK17), which was under consideration to be equipped by selective units within the United States Army. In October 2006 to December 2009,  Smith served as a Sniper Section Leader. During his time as a Sniper Section Leader he deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, performing the task of Company Senior Sniper and Section Leader in Theater. In January 2010 Mr. Smith took on the role of Squad Leader and served this position until departing from service in January 2012. During his time as Squad Leader he deployed twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Smith was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal and Ranger Tab.

After his time of service in the military Smith took the position of Instructor, Team Lead, and Program Manager for Pulau Corporation (SITP Program) based out of Florida and forward operation in Afghanistan.

After contracting, he further moved on to work as an International Sales Director for Elite Defense basedout of Michigan. He is currently enrolled in college courses pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at American Military University. He is currently co-owner/primary instructor for Redspear Tactical, which is headquartered in Elk City, OK.


Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald is a 34-year veteran employee with the Florida Department of Corrections, retiring in 2012. During his career, Jim served in all correctional officer ranks and served as an Assistant Warden for Operations and worked in all level institutions with the Department of Corrections. Jim also worked in the FDC Central Office where he was an integral member of the Special Operations Unit and the statewide commander for the Negotiation Unit, providing for integration with and functional support of tactical operations. Jim was a member and commander for an Institutional CERT Team (Tactical Team).

Jim has trained members of the law enforcement community from Sheriff’s Offices, local police departments and county jails, as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Jim has served as the Training Director, Vice President and President for the Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators (FAHN) and currently serves on the Executive Board of the association.

Jim is a certified instructor and has certificates to instruct high liability courses: Firearms Instructor, Firearms Range Master, CMS General Instructor (Scenario Based Trainer), Specialty Impact Munitions and was selected to participate as a member of the High Liability Trainer’s Conference for FDLE. Jim has been recognized by FDLE as a subject matter expert (SME) in the area of negotiation.

Jim currently trains for Crisis Systems Management, the Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida, The Midwest Counterdrug Training Center, Camp Dodge, Iowa, and the Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators. Jim resides near Lawtey, Florida.


Billy King

Billy has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement and has served as an instructor for the past 18 years. He has 15 years of service as a state trooper, with 10 of those years assigned to the state SWAT team and counter terrorist task force. In that position, Billy held the rank of Sergeant and served as one of the SWAT team supervisors, the entry team leader and as a member of the instructor cadre. He holds several instructor certifications including: Firearms, CQB, Protective Operations, Driving and Less Lethal Weapons.


Doug Wannemacher

Sergeant Doug Wannemacher is the Greenville County Sheriff's Office K-9 Services canine trainer. Doug started his career wth the GCSO in July of 1999 after graduating from Seton Hall Univeristy. He worked in the Uniform Patrol Division for two years before being transferred to the Directed Patrol Unit and started his canine career as a decoy for the K-9 program in April 2001. Doug started handling canine partner Roscoe in March of 2003. The Sheriff's Office saw a need for a full time trainer and sent Doug to Metro Dade K9 Services Police Dog Training Center for a 400 hour Instructor's Course; he now totals more than 8,500 training hours and has trained 81 canine teams in various disciplines. He trains all the GSCO canines as well as conducts maintenance training for several agencies. Doug holds certifications from North American Police Work Dog Association and the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. He is also the author and instructor of "Tactical K-9 Deployment In-Service Trainining", "Basic K-9 First Aid" and the Greenville County Sheriff's Office Patrol/Narcotic Canine 600 Hour Handler Course. Doug is an accredited master trainer through the North American Police Work Dog Association. He also trains on the side at Astro Kennels, LLC