2018 GTOA Session Descriptions

The following is a list of our 2018 Sessions with descriptions as they are made available by the instructors. 

The High Threat Vehicle Engagements

Intermediate to advanced course that prepares students to respond to close range, high-threat incidents in and around vehicles. The class is based on high probability or high-risk real world incidents, and the study of human behavior under duress. Students will learn how to mitigate incidents not covered in conventional academy and in-service training, and will build an intuitive understanding of the dynamics of fighting around vehicles and real-world vehicle ballistics. Drills will incorporate: threat recognition; officer safety and readiness procedures that reduce the chance and severity of criminal assault; non-traditional shooting positions; dynamic maneuver out of and around vehicles; single and multiple officer live-fire drills.  This is an 8 hour class that will be taught both days.

Equipment List

·         Hearing and eye protection

·         Sunblock/ bug spray

·         Weapon cleaning kit and lube



·         Body armor

·         Duty Gear

·         Pistol -Reliable holster(no Serpa Holsters)              500 rounds of pistol ammo

·         Dust mask for shooting through glass inside

          the car

·         Long sleeve shirt, Gloves, Hat

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

The Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) program is based on the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and meets the guidelines established by the Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. The course teaches tactical EMS or EMS practitioner called upon to respond to a mass casualty or active shooter event. This is a two day course (16 hours). 

Tactical Aid in an Austere Environment

This class will cover self-aid and buddy medical aid for officers and tactical medics alike, as well as the tactical movements necessary to perform these duties in dangerous environments.. We will cover the medical assets necessary for the officer on the street as well as those assigned to tactical teams. Students will train on use of life-saving equipment and put those skills to use in high-speed scenarios.  This is a two day course (16 hours). 

Bus Assault Course

Basic level tactical class that is meant to provide the students with a firm understanding of linear assault concepts and operations. 

This course will teach an efficient version of dynamic clearing. With an emphasis on completing the mission with the team sizes and equipment available to Law Enforcement SWAT teams.

Subjects covered: Mission planning, team organization, intelligence gathering, rehearsals, Rules of engagement/Use of force based on mission statement, movement to the objective, breaching the target, clearing tactics, use of distraction devices, and more. This is single day course (8 hours) being taught both days. 

Equipment List

·         Dynamic & stealth approach to target bus

·         Breaching techniques

·         Dynamic entry

·         Combative countermeasures

·         Control & removal of hostages and suspects

·         Mechanical & design aspects of transit


·         Team development & configuration

·         Visual & verbal communication

·         Equipment

·         Observer / Sniper Team deployment

Sniper Class

This is a two day course (16 hours). 

Day one

0900 emergency shot

0910 zero confirmation group of the day

0930 calibrate sniper equipment and discussion on equipment and observation (shooting drills)

1030 speed and accuracy drills (dot drill)

1100 standing kneeling sitting prone standing drill

1130 synchronized shooting

1200 lunch

1300-UTC introduction to positional shooting using bags, tripods and barricades

Day two

0900 recap day one

0930 shooter spotter dialogue

1000 data gathering data to distance / confidence building

1200 lunch

1300 continue gathering data

1400 positional shooting under time

1530-UTC Scenario shooting events

Equipment List

·         Standard deployment kit

·         Approximately 500 rounds

·         Water

Diversionary Device Instructor

To educate students regarding the use of Distraction Devices and with Defense Technology’s DD product line.  Also to provide them with the information so that they can properly instruct their agency’s personnel regarding Distraction Device and specifically Defense Technology LLIM products.  This is a single day course (8 hours) Monday. 

Less Than Lethal Instructor

To educate students regarding the use of Less Lethal Impact Munitions and with Defense Technology’s LLIM product line.  Also to provide them with the information so that they can properly instruct their agency’s personnel regarding Less Lethal Impact Munitions and specifically Defense Technology LLIM products.   This is a single day course (8 hours)Wednesday. 

Hostage Rescue

This is a single day course (8 hours) being taught only on Monday. 


Lead Faucet Tactical Ambidextrous carbine course is an intermediate carbine class focusing on the ever changing contingencies of a gunfight.  The course focuses on tactical rifle drills in daylight conditions.  It involves stationary and non-stationary as well as shooting in and around positions of cover, both strong and support side. 

Performance Objectives:  Shooters will be able to reiterate verbally specific knowledge pertaining to the class when asked. The shooter will be able to successfully demonstrate skills/positions, using strong and support side on pistols and rifles. The shooter will demonstrate his ability to successfully employ his rifle during various timed events.

  This is a single day class being taught both days (8 hours)


This is an introduction to our 2 day course designed for plain clothes and or undercover officers who are operating in a low profile capacity. In this course we review the challenges and advantages officers face when choosing to carry concealed maintaining a low signature. AGS knows it’s not often LE departments are conducting separate firearms drills and practical exercises for officers not wearing a conventional uniform. Our goal is to create a better understanding of handgun deployment from a concealed carry position in a variety of environments the UC and plain clothes officer operates in on a daily basis.  This is a single day class being taught both days (8 hours). Rounds:  350 handgun (minimum)

Topics Covered

o Low visibility clothing

o Low visibility vehicle operations

o Working in and around vehicles (the UC and plain clothes officer’s office)

o Counter ambush (while on surveillance)

o Holster types/configurations

o On body holster placement

o Low visibility LE operations

o Drawing from concealment (standing/seated)

o Positional shooting

Materials Required

o Minimum of 3 handgun magazines

o Handgun Ammunition (350 rounds)

o Ear/Eye Protection

o Range Clothing (for any weather)


o Note Taking Materials

o Jacket/Cover Garment

o Handgun/Holster (IWB or OWB)

o Minimum of 3 handgun magazines


The K-9 workshop is being hosted by Alpha K-9 Training.  They will be providing training using real world scenarios to enhance team problem solving.  This will include enhanced search, detection and apprehension drills.  Bite work with decoys will also be involved. 

This is a single day class being taught both days.  ( 8 hours).  Unlike other courses, K9 teams may choose to attend both days. 

Assault Support

Designed in conjunction with NTOA and National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board (NBSCAB) to help SWAT and Bomb Techs work together in a high IED threat environment. If your agency does not have dedicated bomb technicians the GBI’s unit is available to respond and integrate themselves into your team and provide specialized support in dealing with explosives or even the threat of an explosive.   This course will provide you with and understanding of what their technicians can do and how they fold in with your unit to resolve any number of situations.  Things that will be included:

·         -Operational Strategies

·         -Mission Planning

·         -Direct vs Indirect Support from Bomb Squad

·         -IED Recognition and Avoidance

·         -Hostage Device, Rescue

·         -Robotic Support


          This is a single day class being taught both days (8 hours). 

AR-15 Armorer

Law Enforcement Agencies are deploying or are in the process of issuing carbine rifles to Field Supervisors, Field Officers, and Tactical Units.  With that comes the need of having qualified Armorers or Range masters to service and maintain these weapons on a regular basis.  This course covers all M16/AR15 type carbine weapons systems made and their variants.  Armorers will be certified in the proper maintenance, care, and repair of these weapons systems, including semi-auto and select-fire trigger systems.  This program follows the Manufacturer’s guidelines and is taught by FBI and NRA Certified Instructors.This is a two day course (16 hours)

Designing Safe Scenarios

This course will give an introductory look at how to effectively design, instruct and implement a reality based training (RBT) program using Non- Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA). The primary focus of this course will be the introduction, and application of the UTM Reality Based Training model for development of training with any type of NLTA . We will also introduce several of the current technologies available for force on force training.

Our goals for the training are accomplished through a teaching methodology, which takes the operator through a series of skill builders, drills and mini-scenarios in a realistic environment. It is a systematic, phase based approach to develop training utilizing a series of drill progressions involving stress inoculation, which we believe is critical to skills practice of any kind or discipline. In addition, it provides the operator an environment to manage his/her own physiological response to stress while applying good tactics and decision making.   Our goal is to promote training success not training scars. This is a one day course (8 hours Monday)

Fierce CQC: Firearms

This eight-hour class is drills-centric and is designed to mimic the physiological responses to stress while acutely maintaining sharpshooting skills.  The class will cover handgun and carbine drills, as well as transition between weapon systems.  The class is physically demanding and will push participants to physical fatigue while enhancing shooting efficiency in close quarter combat.  Participants will be guided through tips and ideas to maximize their body’s natural responses to stress to work with them and not against them when engaging threats. Maximum number of students: 16

Required Gear

6.       500 rounds of factory ammunition in the

          weapons’ calibers

7.       Dump pouch is recommended

8.       Knee pads

9.       Hydration unit

1.       All range safety gear: ear and eye protection

2.       Uniform and duty gear: including: vests, holsters, magazine pouches, boots, hat/helmet

3.       Duty pistol and carbine

4.       At least three magazines per weapon system

5.       Sling

Fierce CQC: Room entry and clearing

This eight-hour class is designed to teach officers how to gap the need for expeditious movement and entity without sacrificing officer safety.  This class is based on years of operational experience in combat and urban environments.  The class will progressively teach students how to move to a structure, enter it, clear rooms, and engage threats while clearing rooms.  Realistic scenarios and force on force drills will be incorporated. Maximum number of students: 16

Equipment List

4. Sling

5. Knee pads

6. Hydration unit

7. Notepad and pen

  1. All range safety gear: ear and eye protection
  2. Uniform and duty gear: including: vests, holsters, magazine pouches, boots, hat/helmet
  3. Either Sim guns, blue/red guns, or otherwise non-operational firearm.  Handgun and rifle!

Hostage Negotiations

Christian D’Alesandro joined us a few years ago for an 8 hour block of instruction.  We are fortunate to have him back this year for the full 16 hours.  Christian is an active member of the Texas Tactical Association and serves as their program director.  He is retired from Dallas PD SWAT.  This class is Monday and Wednesday (16 hours). 

Tactical Team Leader Development

This course is designed for law enforcement personnel who are responsible for deploying in the capacity as a SWAT or specialized team leader. The focus of this training will be on pre-incident training, planning, organizing and the tactical decision making process used in the resolution of high-risk operations. 

Also included in the curriculum is an overview of SWAT training topics including; selection and testing, training issues and liability, National SWAT Standards and critical incident reviews. 

Pat Fiorilli is the commander of the Lakeshore, Ohio SWAT team.  He is also the president of the Ohio Tactical Officers association.