Membership Update

Over the past couple of years the GTOA leadership team and board members has undergone many changes.  The results a committed group of Georgia tactical offers committed to unifying vision and moving the Georgia Tactical Officers Association (GTOA) forward. There are new ideas and lots of new energy.  

In the process of transition the new board recognizes that there has been some lapse in services this past year and all are dedicated to fill the void and focus on the road ahead.  

Starting on September 1, 2016 the GTOA membership structure has slightly changed.  Please reference this membership website page for details. In summary, if you are a new member (as of September 1, 2016) you will receive the t-shirt displayed on the membership page.  In addition, as an individual GTOA member, you will receive $50 off your conference registration fees, 5% of GTOA store purchases as well as more incentives. 

If you are a current member of GTOA and we owe you something as a result of your membership commitment, please reach out us at gatactical@gmail.com and we will work with you to make it right. 

Thank you for membership.  Thank you for your patience as we made this transition and thank you for your shared excitement about our future.