GTOA Memberships

Being a member of the Georgia Tactical Officers Association is a great way to keep up to date with the latest training and research and puts you in contact with Law Enforcement Officers all over the State. We are committed to providing training and camaraderie that you won't find anywhere else.

Active membership is open to:

  • All Sworn Law Enforcement Officers

  • Medical personnel assigned to a tactical team or responsible for tactical medical training

  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers

  • Active Duty Military Personnel

 *Team membership is a tactical team whose assignments include those duties commonly associated with tactical units (i.e.SWAT, SERT, CERT, CBRN, SRT, TNT, Warrant Unit, Narcotics Unit, etc.).



Individual Membership Benefits

  • Official membership t-shirt (received at the annual conference no shipping available.)

  • Access to discounted tactical training with GTOA partners

  • Tactical program evaluation

  • Reduced GTOA annual conference registration ($50 off) with individual membership

  • Bi-Annual newsletter