We are getting ready to open registration for the conference!!!!

One of the things we have heard is that y’all want the conference open earlier than it has been in the last couple years. So we are working to have it open sometime in July. Couple of changes.

We are no longer going to have team memberships - the good news to that is one check for the team can still happen but there is individual billing and there is one site for registration and payment to include an option for bill me later. The other news on Memberships there is technically no yearly memberships you will get a membership and it will last thru the conference and when you come to the conference it will renew. The memberships will come with any additional classes thru the year. So if you don’t want to come to the conference or can’t don’t worry you can still buy a $30 membership and attend the conference just know that it will expire after the conference of the following year. I hope that makes sense. Still figuring out the best wording on the at. The conference fee this year will be a flat $200 - includes processing fees and membership.

We look forward to updating y’all with more news soon! Hope you have been able to register for one of the free classes this year! (Next up Negotiations, and Rifle Optics both in July!)

Question for the group

We occasionally here receive questions from members that I don’t immediately know the best answer to. Recently this was one of the questions received and while I am waiting on the other board members to answer I thought I would bring to the other members also. If you have any information feel free to email us a response gatactical@gmail.com!

“Our team still uses dynamic entry for all call outs, to include barricaded gunmen with no active shooting and no hostages. It’s my understanding that most teams and the military use deliberate entry for these types of entries now. Using a method similar to ALERRT tactics threshold evaluation before dumping into rooms. Can you direct me to articles and data on this subject, please?”

Survey about the 2019 Annual Training Conference

We sent out a constant contact email and for some reason the link didn’t work we had to send it out a second time and our apologies for that. If you attended our 2019 conference we want your feedback.


Our hopes for this portion of the website is whenever an email is sent out we will try to update here with the information in that email.

Another update on the site is more training dates. We are offering more free training during the year and we want you guys to know about. While email is great we also don’t want to email you guys all the time with little information - so check out the training page with new classes being added all the time. (Just this morning - I added a free class taught by Skydas Group the beginning of April in Powder Springs!)


You likely noticed at the conference maybe before that we updated our logo.

Well, it was evident after the conference our website needed some updating too. We hope you find it easier to navigate. However, you can still email us with any questions or concerns - GATactical@gmail.com