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Shooter Performance Institute's Advanced Precision Breacher Course (APBC) is a (5) day, (50) hour course that


Teaches the assaulter/officer breaching theory, methodology and efficiency/economy of motion. One differentiator of this course is the presentation of precise applications and techniques that have been combat tested around the world by our team of instructors who are Special Operations Forces (SOF) veterans. The end state is a well-trained breacher that brings back the knowledge and skill set of explosives and proper breaching methods to his/her.

The officer will be trained to be proficient on explosive safety, history and theory, explosive/non-explosive methods of entry, ballistic breaching, thermal breaching, quick-saw breaching, review of breaching accessories, low/high explosive compounds, calculating net explosive weights, safe stacking, breach report, internal breaching, standard operating procedures, misfire procedures and commanders control.

In addition to your daily kit, the required gear for this course is eye/ear protection, soft armor, kneepads, gloves, helmet, departmental breaching tools and a shotgun.

Cost: $1,975 (does not include room and meals)

Location: National Security Associates (NSA), Cusseta, GA 31805

To register for this course, please visit the SPI web site at